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    Dr. Somaia Mohamed is a licensed and independent post-doctoral psychologists with decades of experience dealing with anxiety and depression, phobias, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, divorce, infidelity, marital and pre-marital disputes, eating disorders, trauma, co-dependent relationships, self-esteem and self-identity crises, sexual orientation, career evaluations, and psychological and diagnostic evaluations. She can provide the help and support you need regardless of your problem. Dr. Somaia also use an integrated approach to psychological and counseling methods that employ the best aspects of many different schools of psychology (i.e., Gestalt, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy) to provide the most comprehensive and pragmatic treatments for various behavioral and cognitive disorders or impairments. Please contact Dr. Somaia Mohamed today and prepare to begin the rest of your life. There is always hope. Always.

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